Rhodium Builders, Inc.

Rhodium Builders, Inc. was established in 2015. From its inception as a residential building contractor, the company has since expanded to undertaking industrial and infrastructure projects.

Given the strong demand for quality, efficient, safety-focused and well-capitalised medium scale contractors, the company has grown its capacity in late 2017 by procuring additional brand new equipment and by hiring highly skilled engineers and manpower. In order to support larger projects, the company has strengthened its capital base through combined retained earnings and equity infusion from one of its shareholders. Furthermore, the company has established clean, unsecured credit lines from commercial banks.

The company progressively and vigorously delivers value, efficiency, and creativity into every project and development programme. It is our key goal to push the boundaries in the construction industry, whether our role is development, consultancy, or construction our innovative solutions and services seeks to break new ground within our own company. As we enter our new phase of growth, the company will be handling medium to large scale site development projects, major economic zone developments and the construction of industrial and infrastructure sites around the country.